Debris Removal in St. Petersburg, Florida

Let us take out the trash for you. Our company in St. Petersburg, Florida, offers backyard pickup as well as debris removal.

Backyard Pickup

With Jim & Jim's Hauling INC, we also provide dumpsters for yard waste and construction site material. The dumpster sizes are 10 or 12 cubic yards. Simply load the dumpsters, and we'll pick them up. Whether it is in your front yard, backyard, construction site, or anywhere else, we'll haul it away.

Removing Your Debris

We can take care of a large amount of debris that you need to remove. This may include storm debris or other types. Not only do we provide the containers, we are willing to help you load up the containers before we haul them. This can be a same-day service, too.
Contact us in St. Petersburg, Florida, to request an estimate for debris removal.